The Green Snake Arts Guild

We are a group of New Mexico artists promoting the arts that have arisen out of the anthroposophical impulse.

In 2013, a small group of local artists began gathering together with the intention of bringing anthroposophical art into more awareness in New Mexico. Originally, we helped create seasonal festivals (ex. Michaelmas 2013 at the Santa Fe Waldorf School). We shared our art. Mostly we had conversations to support each other in our individual artistic striving.

We continue with this work.

We usually meet every other month, where we are currently studying Art as seen in the Light of Mystery Wisdom by Rudolf Steiner. We have conversation, share food, either do artistic work together, review what we have created individually or share future intentions.

Over the years we have evolved, but our basic goals have remained the same. Some members have moved on; one has joined, but we are always open to interested artists working out of anthroposophy to join us. Contact Sally Rutledge, if interested: sallyskiptomylou[at]gmail[dot]com

Green Snake Arts Guild Gallery

Please contact individual artist for prices.

Sally Rutledge: sallyskiptomylou[at]gmail[dot]com - Website:

MJ Dorr: mjdorr3[at]gmail[dot]com

Eyahanna DalBo: eyahanna[at]gmail[dot]com