The Christian Community

The Christian Community in New Mexico

The Affiliate Communities of Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico do not have a full time priest; however we are visited at a somewhat regular interval by a priest from The Christian Community in Denver.

Services and Talks

The Christian Community services take place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Services include The Act of Consecration of Man and a Sunday Service for Children, followed by a community potluck.

A talk is included in the weekend visit in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. A Children’s Lesson and time for Sacramental Consultations with the priest are also offered in Santa Fe.

About The Christian Community

The Christian Community is a Movement for Religious Renewal open to all who seek a living, growing relationship to Christ. Central to our work is a respect for the autonomy and integrity of each human being striving for a modern, healthy relationship with the Christ and spiritual world.

We are part of a larger worldwide Christian Community founded in 1922 in Switzerland by 45 men and women, including the eminent Lutheran theologian and minister Friedrich Rittlemeyer, with the help of Rudolf Steiner, Austrian thinker and mystic.

Both men and women serve as priests and have done so from the beginning of our movement.

The text of our Creed is a metamorphosis of the Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds. The Christian Community does not have any formal written dogma, and members are not required to sign articles of faith. Instead, The Christian Community encourages everyone to form independent judgments in religious matters.

The teachings are rich, varied and evolving. They are inspired by traditional Christian theology, the original work of Rudolf Steiner, and by independent research and insights of priests and members.

There is room in this modern Christian theology to incorporate such ideas as reincarnation and karma, a truly cosmic conception of Christ, and the role of spiritual beings at all levels of existence.